"Roots" #49

(January - March 2011)





Michael Fintushal (Israel, Ashkelon). Peace Convenient for Defeated
Marian Belenkiy (Israel, Jerusalem). Government Meeting

Prof. Moshe Liba (Israel, Jerusalem) Another New Zealand - a Jewish one

Haim-Shmuel Lifshits (Israel). Do Jews Feel Other’s Pain?
Michael Bruk (Israel). Right Israel

Tamara Fokina (Russia, Saratov). Saratov – Maalot: Stages

country where we are living
Avraam Shmulevich (Israel, Hebron). Muscovites and Jewish question. Adventures of Israel rabbi
Sergey Loiko (USA). Yuri Lubimov: I would Liberate Khodorkovskiy
Journal «Power» (Russia, Moscow)
Elena Alexeeva (Russia, Moscow). American Paradise or Russian Melancholy?
Dmitriy Bykov (Russia, Moscow). Address to Judge Danilkin Before the Adjudgement to Khodorkovskiy and Lebedev

Igor Guberman (Israel). «Notes of the Aged»
Lilia Ilushina (Russia, Moscow). Jerusalem Syndrome

memory of heart
David Volpin (USA, New York). My Happy Childhood
Larissa Zlatogorova (Russia, Moscow). Writing-book from Front
Abraham Pekniy (Russia, Penza). Relatives not by Blood … by Milk
Semyon Dodik (Russia, Moscow). Tissue of Fates

World of People
Arkadiy Khantsevich (Russia, Moscow). We Get Tired of Waiting for Colonel Abel
Laura Lee (USA). Two Stories from America
Elias Kuksin (USA, Chicago). Five Attempts on Stalin

community life
Don Shoihetman (Ukraine, Lutsk). Jews of Lutsk
Valentine Tumarkina (Ukraine, Lutsk). I Expected Miracle from These Three Days

our congratulations
Eleonora Groisman (Ukraine, Kiev). Maya Plisetskaya – 85!
Marina Gaikovich (Russia, Moscow). Oscar Feltsman – 90!

own books
Elena Derechinskaya (Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod). Sholom, Dzerzhinsk!

Letters, opinions, reviews
Fira Karasik (Russia, Perm)

Victor Molokanov (Ukraine, Vinnitsa Region). All Life – Feat
Alexander Chernishov (Russia, Saratov)
Anatoly Vainshtein (Ukraine, Zaporoje)
Alexander Levenbuk (Russia, Moscow)
Julia Feigelman (Russia, Almetievsk)
Abraham Khasin (Russia, Moscow Region)
Keren Pevzner (Israel, Dimona). Creation of Modern World