"Roots" #48

(October - December 2010)





V. Mosyakov. Vladimir Zhabotinskiy and Theory of International Relations
Prof. Moshe Liba. The Unpromised Land
M. Fintushal. Israel Offensive Defensive during the ‘War of Attrition’ (1967-70)

russia and israel
A. Epshtein, S. Kozheurov. Memory on the War and the Holocaust as the Factor of Political Rapprochement between Russia and Israel

J. Telman. James Bond from Israel
Z. Gelman. One Step to Death
D. Kluger. Revenge in Exchange for State
N. Gutkina. Sara Nahshon – Hebron Living Legend
M. Nemirovskiy. My Unique Israel

negotiations process
N. Surkov. Palestinians Insist on Recommencement of Negotiations with Israel Palestinians Rely on Russia and the ‘Quartette’
J. Ismanova. Israel and Palestine: Peace Chronicle

country where we are living
D. Bykov. Alphabet of 2010
M. Khodorkovskiy. My Destiny – the Part of History of Russia (last plea)
I. Pavlova. Topic is not Uncovered

V. Smekhov. About Me, Jews and Jewry
Yu. Moor-Muradov. What should we do with Greats but – Scoundrels?
A. Minkin. Authorized Vysotskiy

M. Amusia. Fire, Water and è Copper Pipes

World of People
M. Azov. «Jewish Actor»
I. Kuksin. Judith Reznik
Yu. Gubeny. Cuisine of Northwest Ukraine
L. Belaga. Imagine: Russian Culture without Jews

jewish word
V. Pletinskiy, Eu. Berkovich. Ten Years Later

memory of heart
M. Frenklakh. My Brother Arkadiy
S. Avgustevich. In Memory of Tsilia Segal

opinions, reviews