"Roots" #47

(July - September 2010)





our congratulations
Michael Chlenov – 70!
M.A. Chlenov. Academy Information
Michael Chlenov, Henry Martens. About National-Culture Autonomy

World of people
Naum Tsipis. German
Tamara Fokina (Russia, Saratov). Other Bank
Nina Shatalina (Russia, Saratov). Trifonovs. Life of Outstanding People
Semyon Avgustevich (Russia, Moscow). About Yuriy Kruglov
Arkadiy Margulis (Israel). Commissary’s Scalp
Don Shoihetman (Ukraine, Lutsk). The Teacher
Josef Khapchik (Russia, Kazan). The First Tractor of Tatarstan

Sai Frumkin (USA). Demography Fault or Continent of Losers
Leonid Shkolnik. In Memory of Sai Frumkin
Vladimir Broshevan (Ukraine, Simferopol), Limar Maximov (Russia, Moscow). About Participation of Crimea Jews in the Great Patriotic War
Miron Amusia (Israel). Open Letter to Pavel Litvinov

jewish destinies
Julia Yanovskaya (Russia, Moscow). Sverdlovs
Mark Shteinberg (USA, New York). «Jewish Submarine Navy» of America
Prof. Moshe Liba (Israel, Jerusalem). Ararat - a Jewish state in America
Anna Chernyshova (Russia, Saratov). My Parents

faithfulness to national memory
Alexander Kazarnovsky (Israel). Place of Meet – to be Changed!

opinions, reviews

Alla Zuskina-Perelman (Israel). Person who is Able to Remember
Naum Vainshtein (Russia, Kostroma). Bravo, Finland!
Realize Danger. About School-Book by A. Barsenkov and A. Vdovin «History of Russia. 1917–2009»
Fira Karasik (Russia, Perm). History with History
Yuri Bocharov. «Faces of Caucasian Ethnicity» – We have Something to be Proud!