"Roots" #46

(April - June 2010)




our congratulations
Eugene Ben – 50!
Michael Kaminsky – 80!

Holocaust era
Gregory Goldshtadt (Russia, Moscow). Day in the Holocaust Museum
Shoshana Geltser (Israel, Haifa). Life of One Song («Partisan Hymn»
Boris Karp (Ukraine, Lutsk). Jewish Insurrection in Lutsk
Dr Moshe Liba (Israel, Jerusalem). 70th anniversary of Sosúa – a safe haven for Jews

Alek D. Epshtein (Israel, Maale-Adumim). Thoughts on A. Burakovskiy’s Books about Jewish-Ukrainian Relationship
Alexander Burakovskiy (USA, New-York). Truth is the Daughter of Time. Some Considerations on Thoughts on A. Burakovskiy’s Books about Jewish-Ukrainian Relationship by A. Epshtein
Fira Karasik (Russia, Perm). Russian Question

country where we live
Eugene Grishkovets (Russia, Kaliningrad).  Summer. But we do not Feel It (From LiveJournal)
Interview with Inna Khodorkovskaya

our roots
Moisey Rathner (Israel). About Grandpa but not only...
Semyon Fligelman. Splinters
Don Shoihetman (Ukraine, Lutsk). Names
Galina Zeifman (Russia, Moscow). My Roots
Sofia and Michael Millers (USA, New-York). Alexander Gorodnitskiy’s River of Time
Raisa Kalnitskaya (Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod). My Family and its Destiny
Maria Frenklah (Russia, Moscow). Boris’ Universities
Abraham Pekniy (Russia, Penza). Wonderful Destiny

own lines
Raisa Tarasulla (Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod). Reading on the Eve of Pesah
Yuri Sorkin (Russia, Penza). Vovka – Israeli

About Abraham Sutskever’s Book «From Vilno Ghetto»:
Josef Shuster (Russia, Yekaterinburg). Responsible for Each Othe
Michael Nemchenko (Russia, Yekaterinburg). About the Author and His Book

israel in a heart
Yuri Moor-Muradov (Israel). Jews – Clever? Excuse me.
Eugene Satanovskiy (Russia, Moscow). Do not Touch the Army by Hand!
Timur Boyarskiy (Israel, Petah-Tikva). Why Turks Sailed to Gaza?
Leonid Belotserkovsky (Israel, Tel-Aviv). Three Towers from Ivory

opinions, reviews
Jania Ismanova (Russia, Moscow).
Arkady Tsoglin (Russia, Saratov). Anton Chekhov and Jewish Question
Leonora Sirota (Russia, Saratov).
Natalie Olkhovnikova (Russia, Moscow).

in memory of friend
Semyon Avgustevich (Russia, Moscow). Victor Kuznetsov
Victor Kuznetsov. White Smock of Doctor Chekhov
Spanish «Roots» (Raices) Wrote about Russian «Roots»