"Roots" #45

(January - March 2010)





by israel day of independence
Prof. Moshe Liba (Israel, Jerusalem). Prayer for Israel

who am i? jewish self-identification
Semyon Avgustevich (Russia, Moscow). The Past and the Thoughts. Humanistic Judaism in the Soviet Union and Post-Soviet Countries
Emil Mendzheritskiy (Israel, Jerusalem). About Self-consciousness and Ideology of an Irreligious Jew
Nicolas Rustanovich (Russia, Ilezskiy Pogost). Future is not a question but an answer
Fira Karasik (Russia, Perm). About Fools and other Know-alls

years of the war
Semyon Dodik (Russia, Moscow). My Commander
Victor Geht (Russia, Moscow). Fighters of Ghetto
By the 70 Anniversary of Katyn Tragedy

world of people
Boruh Mestcheryakov (Israel, Ashdod). Stories

past life
Victor Seleznev (Russia, Saratov). Free Wayfarer of Total Age
Michael Fintushal (Israel, Ashkelon). Destruction of the Theoretical Physics in Third Reich
Miron Amusia (Israel). Vitaliy Ginzburg

day of shame
Alexander Melikhov (Russia, St. Petersburg). Day of Shame and Effrontery
Alexander Stupnikov (Israel). Peaceful Village

own books
Mark Berkolayko (Russia, Voronezh). The Time of White Nights
Lev Kroichik (Russia, Voronezh). Another Music
Uliana Podgornova (Russia, Moscow). Blanka Paloma of Modern Literature (Dina Rubina)
Ella Mitina (Russia, Moscow). Leonid Gomberg
Sergey Lepeshkin (Russia, Moscow). Our Magazine
Semyon Avgustevich. Europe Meets Korni
Dr. Moshe Liba. Relations with Russian Publications