"Roots" #44

(October - December 2009)





Alek D. Epshtein (Israel, Maale-Adumim). Why Alien Pain does not Hurt: Memory and Oblivion in Israel and Russia
Alexander Lozovskiy (Israel, Haifa). Do Jews and Arabs Have the same Destiny?
Ester Blustchinskaya-Teif, Lea Dar, Moisey Rathner (Israel, Jerusalem). Shaya Sibirskiy or Moisey Teif?

Prof. Moshe Liba (Israel, Jerusalem). Jews in Africa

memory of heart
Larissa Zlatogorova (Russia, Moscow). And I Became Alone...
Kena Vidre (Russia, Saint Petersburg). About Poet Semyon Sorin
Vladimir Gleizer (Russia, Saratov). Not Forgotten Pages
Mark Kagantsov (Russia, Vorkuta). About My Parents
Leonid Fleiderman (Russia, Moscow). Josef Schmidt’s Triumph and Tragedy
Semyon Avgustevich (Russia, Moscow). The Stuffed Fish

Boris Sichkin. “We are Laughing so as to not Go Crazy”
Maxim Kravchinskiy (Russia, Moscow). The King of Variety
Leonid Shemeta (Ukraine, Kiev). Everybody Loved Him
Viliam Savelzon (Russia, Orenburg). The Root of “Red Viburnum”

own books
Uliana Podgornova (Russia, Moscow). About God, Choice and the True Love
Tatiana Vasilenko (Russia, Moscow). Mark Berkolaiko. “The Party”
Zorik Shokhin (Israel). Shahid
Irina Gitovich. About Chekhov
Christopher John Tooke (Great Britain). Forgotten Names

the chronicle
Natalia Yukhneva (Russia, Saint Petersburg). The first scientific conference «St. Petersburg - Israel. Intellectual dialogue»
Dmitry Tolmatsky Died
In Memory of Andrey Sakharov and Egor Gaidar
Statement of the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights about Stalin and Stalinism
Vladimir Iljushenko (Russia, Moscow). Is Stalin with us?