"Roots" #43

(July - September 2009)





In Memory of Sergey Kazovskiy
Articles by Victor Seleznev, Yakov Pogorelov, Sergey Sergievskiy, Yuri Nabatov, Irina Kiseleva, Arkadiy Genson, Victor Storchak (Saratov)

Valeriy Serduchenko (Ukraine, Lvov). Ivanovs and Rabinovichs
Nicolas Rustanovich (Russia, Ilezskiy Pogost). Why I Decided to be a Jew. Experience of Identification.
Dan Sporn (Israel, Jerusalem). Why I Like to be a Jew

Lazar Kerzhenevich (Russia, Kazan). About the Article by A. Epshtein By Right of Memory: Holocaust, Naqba and the Past that Does not Pass
Michael Dorfman (Israel). Naqba, or What could be Worse than a Stupid Jew
Arie Malkish (Israel). State Goes to Underground
Eliezer M. Rabinovich (USA). The Main Thing is to Separate from Palestinias

names and people
Alexander Parkhomenko (Ukraine, Odessa). Odessa of the Beginning of Seventies
Fira Karasik (Russia, Perm). Stalins Writ of Protection
Semyon Avgustevich (Russia, Moscow). Some Pages from a Desktop
Victor Kuznetsov (Russia, Moscow). Echo of the Ancient History

past life
Michael Rabinovich (Russia, Smolensk). 65 Years Together
Lyudmila Matveeva (Russia, Moscow). Tomorrow is the 1st of May
Victor Seleznev (Russia, Saratov). Saratov Samizdat Case, 1970
Victor Malinov (Russia, Moscow). Song about Jewish Aviators

our stories
Moshe Liba (Israel, Jerusalem). Jewish Children Slaves in Sao Tome
Jacob Bassin (Belarus, Minsk). We are all from Vaad
Abraham Pekniy (Russia, Penza). Great Benjamin Zuskin as an Actor Born in Penza
Don Shoihetman (Ukraine, Lutsk). Peace for you
Eugenie Ben (Russia, Moscow). How I Found Rabbi Nokhem from Chernobyl

Victor Malinov (Russia, Moscow). Our Jubilee!
Fira Karasik (Russia, Perm). Roots: 15 Years as One Life
Sergey Shakhtarin (Russia, Norilsk)
Tikhon Feoktistov (Russia, Norilsk)