"Roots" #40

(October - December 2008)





Israel today
Eugene Satanovsky (Russia, Moscow), Geadar Jemal (Russia, Moscow). Near East - to be at War or to Conduct Peace Talks?
Ksenia Svetlova (Israel). Myths about Gaza
Guy Bekhor (Israel). What was Expected in January
Alexander Shojhet (Israel). Trip to the North

Julius Kosharovsky
(Israel). Education Tax and Jackson-Vanik Aamendment
Alexander Stupnikov
(Israel). Derelicts

past life
Yunna Moritz (Russia, Moscow). Stories about Wonderful
Valery Serdjuchenko (Ukraine, Lvov). Experience of Dying
Jury Moor-Muradov (Israel). Moscow Literature Institute is 100
Fira Karasik (Russia, Perm). White and Black
Rem Zeltser (Russia, Moscow). Blockade

Alexander Gorodnitsky (Russia, Saint Petersburg). Thoughts and Songs
Miron Mordukhovich (Russia, Lipetsk). I am Always Lucky...

Leonid Duhin (Russia, Perm). Folkl legends
Boris Dehtjar (Russia, Nizhni Novgorod). Mystery of Lepel Concentration Camp
Don Shoikhetman (Ukraine, Lutsk). My Home Town Derazhnya

LETTERS, reviews, Responses
Victor Kuznetsov (Russia, Moscow). Necessary and Useful book
Boris Dorfman (Ukraine, Lvov). They were at War for Ukraine and for Israel
Elizaveta Krylova (Russia, Saint Petersburg)
Isaak Feldshtein (Russia, Dzerzhinsk). Mystery of the Genius