"Roots" #39

(July - September 2008)





A. Entova. ‘Kshe Anu Banu’ or How Oslo Began
Sh. Volfman. Let’s Meet on Barricades
I. Degen. Brigadier General Avigdor Kakhalanie

Our Country

G. Chartishvili (B. Akunin). Interview with M. Khodorkovskiy
Our Congratulation with Jubilee Gregory Baklanov - 85!
G. Baklanov. Waiting for Kindness

A. Shoihet. Do not Idolize
T. Boyarskiy. Witness for Vladimir Vysotskiy
N. Shafer. Thieves' songs of Vladimir Vysotskiy

M. Fintushal. “Small Change”. Jews’ Lot on Soviet-Germany Negotiations in 1942
D. Shoihetman. Emil Zola and Dreyfus’ Case

In Memory of Friends
N. Shatalina. In Memory of Journalist Vitaliy Azef
V. Azef. Burial Place is Unknown

E. Grib. Kiev
M. Morgulis. Between Fiords and Mermaids

Shtetele Mayne
L. Dukhin. Shimonka from Ivents. Strong Town
Sorrowful Tidings about Aizek Bargtail’s Death
A. Gorodnitsiy. Yiddish
M. Mordukhovich. Meetings in Shtetl

M. Kagantsov, L. Samarin, A. Melikhov