Roots, #9

January-June 1998


The magazine opens with an article "Historical Science of Jewish self-Identification in Russia" by Vladimir Dvoryanov from Penza. The author gives a system description of Jewish nation formation on the basis of common language, culture, history and tradition. Svetlana Busygina from Saratov, the author of the article "Family or School? (to the Problem of National Upbringing)", gives an outlook on history of Jewish education and upbringing, trying to define either family or school should be at the head of this process.

The same section of the magazine includes an article "The Life is Spurt!" by Zilya Segal from Samara, tells about Ruvim Yevelevich, the author of the book "You will not catch me, the Dragon!" The writing of the book was started in Samara, continued and finished in Israel.

The section "Lectures" contains an article by Michael Gurovich from Nizhny Novgorod, where the author tells about different groups of Jews, their tradition, culture and ethnic peculiarities.

The section "Memoirs and Documents" opens with the article "Colony "Ikor" ("Ploughman") History (from the Memoirs of Former colonist)" written by Isaak Kucherov from Penza, who is one of the few living eye-witnesses of the former colony. The next article "Archives Materials about Jewish Life in Tambov" by Semyon Hendler from Tambov. The author describes materials preserved in the archives of Tambov, concerning the life of the Jews.

The section "International Scientific Conference on Judaics" informs about the conference which took place in Saratov State University on November, 1997 and contains texts and theses of participants' reports.

The section "Opinions. Reviews. Criticism" includes reviews of materials published in previous issues of the magazine. The reviews were submitted by our readers as well as experts: Yeugeny Brodsky from Poltava, Prof. Bronislav Tabachnikov from Voronezh, Dr. llya Yagninsky from Belgorod, Prof. Boris Zilbert from Saratov.

At the end of the issue the reader will find information about the authors.


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