In Memory of Oleg Mikhailovich Sviridov
A. Brod. Russian Actor who Act the part of Mikhoels
Words of Recognition
M. Gluz, V. Borschagovskaya, M. Geizer, M. Kotlyarova, L. Anninskiy, N. Mikhoels.
From Reviews of Last Years
G. Kostin, O. Idelson, T. Zhurcheva, L. Fink.

D. Yakirevich. About Solomon Mikhoels

G. Kulchinskiy. Neo-Nazi in Israel
A. Stupnikov. Christmas in Bethlehem
M. Nikomarov. Problem of Sderot
Geiber Shai. On Judea Hills
K. Bogdanovich. International Law and Right of Israel to the Land of Eretz-Israel

M. Fintushal. Zionist Conspiracy or Mortal Triangle?
A. Gogun. Jorg Baberovsky: Red Terror
R. Suleimanov. Children of Zion on the Itil Bank
V. Nakonechniy. From the History of Jews in Volhynia /1941 1944/
Zh. Trostanovskiy. Holocaust and Jewish Culture
J. Gin. Why I Reread Lion Feuchtwangers Trilogy about Josef Flaviy
A. Gaisinskiy. Jewish Constituent 148

S. Avgustevich, S. Yermolaeva. Courses f the Open University of Israel as Argument in Culture Dialog
L. Kropotkin. Courses of the Open University of Israel

A. Kabakov. Sorry, America
G. Nikiphorovich. Please, Do not Hasten!
T. Boyarskiy. Prognosis of Efraim Sevela Do not Come True
F. Karasik. Stalins Times

Letters, Comments, Reviewes, Criticism
Z. Kauphman, A. Vainshtein, A. Borukhovskiy, T. Ovchinnikova

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