Russian Jews
Michael Chlenov, Russia, Moscow. Russia and Israel: Orthodoxy and Judaism
Natalia Yukhnyova, Russia, St. Petersburg. Jewish Movement in the USSR. Recovery and Struggle. 19671989

Crossing Parallels
Galina Volkova, Russia, Moscow. Glance from Childhood
Sophia Veto, Russia, Moscow. Look into Childhood

Our Legacy
Dmitriy Yakirevich, Israel. Jewish Song Culture
Isaac Moshkovich, Israel, Jerusalem. My Way to Jewry and Israel

Jewish Press
Semyon Avgustevich, Russia, Moscow. Readers or Authors?
Semyon Vainshtein, USA, Chicago. The First Jewish Newspaper on Russian Language in Russia

Personal Version
Mark Berkolaiko, Russia, Voronezh. 1804. March

Recent Times
Boris Zamskiy, USA, Houston. Personnel Metamorphosis
Gregory Yablonskiy, USA. About Grandma, Grandpa and Lithuanian Partisans
Fira Karasik, Russia, Perm. Secret Designer
Leonid Kasavin, Israel, Ashdod. Do not Forget to Tell

Letters, Comments, Reviewes, Criticism
Vladimir Khazanov, Russia, Tomsk
Leonid Flyatt, Israel
Arthur Fredekind, Russia, Moscow
Timur Boyardkiy, Israel, Petah-Tikva.
How Andrew Konchalovsliy Feigned that He was Unversed
Gleb Lobodenko, Belarus, Minsk. ...I am Very Glad for Syomka

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