Michael Kaminskiy (Ukraine, Udych, Vinnitsa region)

Pain for Life

(Memoirs of a Holocaust survivor)                                     

Victor Geht (Russia, Moscow)

Children in the War                                                             

Victor Kuznetsov (Russia, Moscow)

Three from Utins Family                                                   

Zakhar Gelman (Israel, Rehovot),

Lev Kupershtein (Israel, Beer-Sheva)

People on All Fours                                                            


Language and Word

Zalman Kaufman  (Russia, Petrozavodsk)

Jewish Zigzags of Russian Philology                                 

Mark Kagantsov (Russia, Vorkuta)

How I Discovered Josef Kerler                                            

Gregory Pevzner  (Israel, Beer-Sheva)

Four Windows                                                               


Anti-Semitism: History and  the Present

Vladimir Mosyakov  (Ukraine, Zaporozhje)

Anti-Semitism Today:

Analysis of Ukrainian Periodic                                          

David Mazur  (Israel, Beer-Sheva)

Uman Pogrom of 1768 in Jewish

Anonymous Chronicle of the End of 18 Century              


Pages of History

D. Feldman, D. Peters  (Russia, Moscow)

About Achievements of Jews

in Russian Public Health in XIX Century                          


Personal Version

Mark Berkolayko (Russia, Voronezh)

Black White (Extract for the novel)                                   


Letters, Comments, Reviewes, Criticism

Fira Karasik (Rassia, Perm)

I Heard Yiddish                                                                 

Mark Kagantsov (Russia, Vorkuta)

In the Company of Like-Minded                                        

Boris Dehtyar (Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod)

I Regret that I did not Know

about Roots for a Long Time                                            

Michael Rabinovich (Russia, Smolensk)

Roots Makes Progress from Issue to Issue                      

George Bernzon, Valeriy Novoselskiy,

Valeriy Rubin (Israel)

He is not our Friend or Relative                                    

Leonid Flyatt (Israel)

Reverting to the Published Photo                                     


Roots in the Internet                                                           

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