Three Points of View

Point of View from Israel

M. Feiglin (Israel). Worst of All is to

Beak off Relations with Jewry                                                       

Point of View from Palestinian Autonomy

I. El-Sarrazh (Gaza). It is Necessary to Reconcile

to Continue Living                                                                          

Point of View on Israel and Palestinian Autonomy

D. Pipes (USA). Palestine-Israel War:

Causes and Possible Ways to Finish                                            


Jewish Theme

N. Yukhneva (Russia, Saint-Petersburg). Baltic meetings.

From Recollections of 1980s                                                        

D. Galtsin (Russia, Petrozavodsk).

Metaphysics of Cowardice                                                            

D. Tsvibel (Russia, Petrozavodsk).

Dmitriy Shostakovichs Jewish Dominant                                     


History and Culture Issues

E. Ulitskiy (Russia, Moscow). Rabbi Jacob Maze

and Moscow Chorale Synagogue                                                

V. Nakonechniy (Ukraine, Lutsk).

Jews and Ukrainian Collaborationism                                          

Yu. Kotliar (Ukraine, Nikolaev).

History of Jewish Settlement Nahartav (1809-1954)                 

Yu. Matushanskaya (Russia, Kazan). Material Culture

of the Middle East and Symbols of the West Civilization             


Education Issues

S. Avgustevich (Russia, Moscow).

Whom is the Open University of Israel Open for?                         


Language and Word

A. Krukov (Russia, Moscow).

Political Slang of Modern Israel                                                   

A. Bargteil (Russia, Perm).

About Problems of Jewish Language                                           


World of Memoirs

H. Sokol (Israel, Jerusalem). Memoirs about Memoirs               

S. Zlotnikova (Russia, Moscow).

Arbat is the Street of my Childhood                                             

Yu. Yanovskaya (Russia, Moscow).

Faina Grigorievna Veksler and Miron Semyonovich Zlotov         


Letters, Comments, Reviews, Criticism

N. Yukhneva (Russia, Saint-Petersburg).

About Russian Jews                                                                     

Z. Kaufman (Russia, Petrozavodsk).

Magazine of Associates                                                              

R. Egudina-Kalinicheva (Russia, Orenburg).

Memories of Nation and Family                                                            

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