Language and Word

J. Gin (Russia, Petrozavodsk). To Tell a Couple of Words in Yiddish

or to Tell a Couple of Words of Yiddish

E. Beskrovnaya (Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk). Philosophy of Judaism

in Simon Frugs Works 

V. Serduchenko (Ukraine, Lvov). Laugh and Tears of Modern Israel

V. Ushkovskiy (Russia, Tomsk). A Magic Crystal                                            

V. Sosnovskiy (Russia, Biysk). Letters from Elias Selvinskiy                         

N. Shatalina (Russia, Saratov). Five Autumn Meetings with Tsylia Segal      



About Life and Works of Michael Io (Meer Ioffe), the Famous Jewish Artist   

                M. Berchenko (Russia, Moscow). To Remember and Respect        

                Ts. Khanina (Latvia, Riga). My Father Michael Io                             

                V. Pazhe (Latvia, Riga). I Remember my Grandfather

                Working in front of an Easel                                                             

                R. Gordin (Moldova, Kishinev). Uncle                                               

                V. Gens (Russia, Moscow). Recollection about Michael Io              

                I. Yakobinets. (Russia, Moscow). My First Painting Teacher            

                M. Berchenko (Russia, Moscow). A Muse                                        


M. Yakhilevich (Israel, Jerusalem). The Way of an Artist                               

Yu. Cheglov (Russia, Moscow). Gregory Zlatogorovs Books

and Pictures                                                                                                 

V. Shapiro (Russia, Moscow). Resistance                                                   


Moisey Teif

Returning to Materials Published in No 22

                Letters and Articles                                                                         

                Boris Suslovichs Translations                                                        

                About Boris Suslovichs Translations

                               L. Kropotkin (Russia, Moscow)                                         

                               E. Shklovskiy (Russia, Moscow)                                       


History of Communities

I. Syvoplyas (Russia, Ulyanovsk). History of Symbirsk

Jewish Community                                                                                       

V. Nakonechniy (Ukraine, Lutsk). Since Antiquity till Present Days             


Fathers and Children

S. Ruzhanskiy (USA, Rochester). Interview with Own Son                           

I. Fridman (Russia, Moscow). To Remember                                               


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