The first section of Korni (Roots) Quarterly is entitled СContemporaneityТ.

In Ukraine and Islamism: Hidden Threat by Semyon Averbuh and Vyacheslav Likhachev (Kiev, Ukraine), the authors analyze the problem of the Islamite extremism. They also describe situation with the Islamite extremism in Ukraine and point to a dangerous tendency that recently appeared in the Ukraine society.

Yakov Tsukerman (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) is the editor-in-chief of the Jewish newspaper AMI (My People). In Anniversary of СAMIТ and its Editor-in-chief he writes about his life and shares with the readers his personal experience of making a Jewish newspaper.


The next section СRussian JewТ opens with an article by Alexander Melikhov (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) We Must Supplement, Embellish and Reinforce Each Other. The author reflects on the topic of national unity of Jews. He writes about Russian Jews and their peculiarities and explains what national prejudices are. The author came to a conclusion that Jews are different but they should be together to supplement each other and reinforce each other.

In Russian Jew as the Connection between History and Geography by Valeriy Shapiro (Moscow, Russia), the author analyses the problem of anti-Semitism in Russia. He shares with readers his own intriguing point of view on that problem. He also writes about Nikolay Pirogov, the great Russian humanist and prominent surgeon, who supported Jews and blamed anti-Semites and anti-Semitism.

Jewish Destiny of Isaac Dunaevskiy by Haum Shafer (Pavlodar, Kazakhstan) recounts the story of the eminent Soviet composer Isaac Dunaevskiy. The author writes about DunaevskiyТs creative work and life.

The article Portrait in the Picture Interior by Irina Tsypina (Israel) is based on her memoirs about Josef Karas, a painter. The author writes about the impact of Soviet and Russian environment on the painterТs works and destiny.

In 65 Years Together by Michael Rabinovich (Smolensk, Russia), the author shares with readers his memoirs and thoughts about life of a Jew Сtogether with RussiaТ. The article contains several stories.

Abraham Kratser (Moscow, Russia), in his article, Isaac Kaplan, The Teacher of Teachers, recounts the story of Isaac Kaplan who shared the destiny of many assimilated Soviet Jews.

Efim Makarovsky (San Francisco, USA) wrote a story Norma Florence. It is a love story, but in spite of that, the author describes problems that a Jewish immigrant from Russia can face with in the USA. One of the problems is the problem of different mentality.


The next section is entitled СJewish CultureТ.

In the article MotherТs Poetry by Sophia Loiter (Petrozavodsk, Russia), the author writes about the world of Jewish lullabies.

Good Yontif, America by Sam Ruzhansky (Rochester, USA) is an interview with Lynne Feldman, a Jewish artist.

The article Aliya by Tsylya Segal (Samara, Russia) dedicated to the Jewish music company СAliyaТ from Samara that celebrated its fifteenth anniversary in 2004.


The section СThe History of CommunitiesТ contains an article Jewish Towns in Smolensk Region at the end of XIX century Ц at the first third of XX century by Tatiana Lyzlova (Smolensk, Russia). The author describes Jewish life in Smolensk Region at that time.


The next section СJewish AntiquityТ opens with an article by Alexander Egorov (Ivanovo, Russia) Knowledge of Ancient Jews that Torah and Christian Bible Contain. The author worked with the text About Education of Ancient Jews by an anonymous author. The text was published in 1841. A. Egorov edited the text and prepared it to publishing in the current edition of Korni.

In Chazars Question by Arkadiy Gaisinsky (Sderot, Israel), the author argued for the fact that the elite of Chazars practiced Judaism and describes contacts between the Chazars and Kiev Russia.

Zalman Kaufman (Petrozavodsk, Russia), the author of the next article, Jews and Russia, continues and completes the topic of the previous article. He writes about historical role of Chazars and describes the impact of Judaism on Russian culture.


The section СAbout the Years of the WarТ contains three articles.

Victoria Engel (Achinsk, Russia) retells the life story of Jossef Katz who was imprisoned in the concentration camp of Auschwitz during the WWII.

In Jews in Russian Liberation Movement by Alexander Gogun (Berlin, Germany), the author writes about Jews, army officers, who served in the army of general Vlasov during the WWII.

The next material is The Russian Section of the International Society for Human Rights Appeals to President Putin.


The СComments. Reviews. CriticismТ section contains letters to the editors, comments and criticism. The contributors to this section are N. Vainshtein (Kostroma), O. Krasnopolskiy (Saransk), N. Babilunga (Tiraspol), S. Zlotnikova (Moscow), M. Gaisinskiy (Korolev), M. Sheinin (Pavlodar), S. Berkner (Voronezh), O. Dumov (Dnepropetrovsk), E. Krylova (Saint-Petersburg), M. Dorfman (New York), A. Elkonina (Germany), N. Shafer (Pavlodar), G. Rakoshits (Moscow), M. Grosman (Nizhniy Novgorod).


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