The first section of the current edition of the Korni (Roots) Quarterly is entitled Modern Jewish Life.

In the article Euro-Asian Jewish Congress the Political Portrait by Michael Chlenov (Moscow, Russia), the author describes the history of the organization and explains its political tasks and priorities.

In Jewish Concerns of the Orange Country, Michael Gold (Kiev, Ukraine) writes how the situation after the orange revolution in Ukraine could affect the Jewish community of the country.


The section On 60th Anniversary of the Victory contains materials dedicates to the Anniversary of the Victory in the WWII.

In the article Military Doctors Memoirs, the war veteran Samuel Yarmonenko (Moscow, Russia) presents his memoirs about the war. He writes about the first battle he was involved in and about the offensive in Crimea that he participated in.

In Yukhovichy Bendery by Valeriy Shapiro (Moscow, Russia), the author recounts a story of his father, Abraham Shapiro who was in command of an artillery regiment during the WWII.

In Lieutenant Moisey Avgustevich, Russian, 1944, Semyon Avgustevich (Saratov, Russia) writes about his brother Moisey who was a tankman during the war. He was killed in April 1944 during the tank reconnaissance.

In the article The Chief of a Hospital, Mark Shapiro and Stanislav Shapiro (Velikiy Novgorod, Russia) write about their father and grandfather Moisey Shapiro who participated the WWII as the chief of field hospitals.

Destinies Affected by the War by Dmitriy Tsvibel (Petrozavodsk, Russia) recounts stories of war veterans Garry Lak and Boris Klein.

In Two stories, Antonina Oksman (Tula, Russia) writes about the Ostrovskiys family who attempted to survive during the fascist occupation of their towns in Ukraine and about Isay Shakher who survived in the concentration camp.

In From Stories of the Blockade by Anna Brzhezovskaya (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), the author describes the difficult life in Leningrad blockaded by fascists.

The Endless Search of the Roots was written by Victor Geht (Moscow, Russia). The author survived in the fascist occupation, his parents were killed and after the war he received the Soviet passport and other documents with improper information about his parents, his date of birth and his origin. He attempted to find his relatives and restore proper documents. It took him almost 50 years to succeed.

Jews in the Struggle for Independent Ukraine by Alexander Gogun (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) and Alexander Vovk (Kiev, Ukraine) describes how Jews participated in the liberation movement in the Western Ukraine in 1940s.

In The First Day, the Last Day, Michael Zlatogorov wrote about the day when Germany attacked Soviet Union (June 22, 1941) and about the day when Victory over fascist Germany was announced (May 9, 1945). During the war Michael Zlatogorov was in citizens-in-arms of Moscow and then he served as a military journalist.


The Israel Literature section was prepared by Alexander Krukov (Moscow, Russia). It contains an article by A. Krukov dedicated to Orly Kastel-Blum, the Israel writer who is 45 this year, and three novel stories by Orly Kastel-Blum.


The next section is entitled In Memory of the Friend.

In Memory of Lev Moshinskiy by Valeriy Lebedev (Rybinsk, Russia), the author writes about the most popular Jew in Rybinsk Lev Moshinskiy who died in December 2004. Lev Moshinskiy had a many-sided personality. He was the founder of Adams Church in Rybinsk, he was an active member of Jewish community of Rybinsk and he had strong political opinions as a democrat.


The Comments. Reviews. Criticism section contains letters to the editors, comments and criticisms. The contributors to this section are L. Sheinker (Toronto, Canada), E. Levin (Moscow, Russia), B. Mershon (Zhmerinka, Ukraine), A. Egorov (Ivanovo, Rassia), S. Dodik (Moscow, Russia), A. Kremer (Odessa, Ukraine), L. Kerzhenevich (Kazan, Russia), A. Khasin (Vladimir, Russia), S. Ruzhanskiy (USA), T. Segal (Samara, Russia), A. Melikhov (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), M. Mordukhovich (Lipetsk, Russia), N. Vainshtein (Kostroma, Russia).


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