‘Roots’, #20

July-December 2003




The section “Articles. Researches” opens the magazine. The first work in the section is the article by the permanent author of the magazine “Roots” Steve Levin from Israel “A.P. Chekhov in the Search of Jewish Mentality”. The author shows on concrete examples how the famous Russian writer reflected the Jewish theme in his creative work, tells that the description of Jews by A. Chekhov was not always positive.

The author of the next article of the section, a historian Yulia Matushanskaya from Kazan tells in her article “Did Josef Flavius Write the History Impartially” about traditions of the Hellenistic historiography followed by Josef Flavius.

The next article of the section is entitled “Multi-Linguism (Jewish Ethnic Conscience in Age of Rome)”. The author Yelena Zyablikova from Ivanovo analyses the effect of the multi-lingual situation that was formed in the beginning of Common Era in Jewish environment upon the ethnic conscience of Jewish people.

The next section of the magazine “The Present and the History” is opened by the article by Alexander Mindlin from Moscow “History of “Percent Norms” (Limitations in General Education of Jews in 19 – early 20th century)”. The author tells about development of general education of Jews in Russia and observes origin and transformation of percent norms establishing quota for entering high and secondary educational institutions of Russia by Jews.

The next article, “War and Myth”, is written by an Israeli author Leonid Matsih. The author compares the stories about real events of Six-day war of June 5-10 1967 of Israel and Arab countries with folk myths and legends about events of this war.

Professor Alexander Atanasov from Bulgaria presented for judgement of readers the polemical article “Tsar Boris III and the Jews. Saviour or Participant of Holocaust”. The author tries to decide to what extent tsar of Bulgaria Boris II was guilty for extermination of Jews of Macedonia and Thrace that were included into Bulgaria in 1941.

The article “Oryol City and its History of “Bloody Calumny” by Bella Vishnevskaya from Oryol takes the reader back to the history of Jews of Russia. The author tells about cases connected with ruefully known “bloody calumny” that took place in Oryol province.

The section “Cultural Heritage” is opened by a block of articles devoted to outstanding scholar-philologist, theorist of translation Yefim Etkind. The first article “Stray Cosmopolitans” in Tula” is written by Antonina Oksman (Tula) and devoted to the period of life of Ye. Etkind when he worked in Tula pedagogical university. The author also dwells on other events of Etkind’s life that show his character.

The second article is the article by prof. Vladislav Krivonos from Samara “Ours” or “Alien”? Jewish Theme in Memoirs Prose by Etkind”. The author tells in it about the fact that Soviet reality put the Jews into position of “aliens”, meaningly dividing, pushing them out of society.

And the third article of the block is an abstract from the book by Ye. Etkind “Notes of Non-Plotter” published in London in 1977. The abstract is called “Digression about Emigration” and gives the reflections of the author on motives of emigration and fates of emigrants.

Irina Shchivel from Nizhni Novgorod tells in her work “Jewish Small Town in Creative Work of Itskhak-Leibush Perets” about the life of the outstanding Jewish writer and that part of his creative work that was devoted to description of life and customs of a Jewish small town at the boundary of XIX-XX centuries.

Saratov historians Ą.I. Avrus and Ą.P. Novikov prepared for publication the article «Yiddishist against Hebrew (response to H. Zhitlovsky)». Its author, Victor Chernov, is a famous politician of Russia, the minister of agriculture of Provisional government of Russia (1917). Chernov is the author of a number of articles devoted to Jewish problem. One of these articles was published in the previous issue of the magazine.

The section is completed by an article of Dr. Matvey Geiser from Moscow “I Consider Myself as a Russian Writer (Notes on Creative Work of Grigory Kanovich)”. The famous writer-Jew speaks about himself as about Russian writer writing about Jews.

The section “Memoirs” is opened by an article by Michail Rabinovich (Smolensk) “My Father Isak Rabinovich”. This is the story about author’s father who was in the past the TASS newspaper photographer in Smolensk and Bryansk regions. This is the story about honest and decent man who lived through happy life, brought up good children and was acknowledged as a  specialist and professional.

The series of stories “Meetings” by Vladimir Sosnovsky from Biysk, Altay region. The author is a man of complicated fate who was subjected to repressions during time of Stalin regime and spent many years in camps and exile, he tells about his meetings with interesting and famous people (writers F. Iskander and S. Lvov, poets D. Samoylov and M. Svetlov etc) that took place after his release from Stalin camps.

The last section of the magazine is “Comments. Reviews. Criticism”. It contains numerous letters of the magazine readers to materials published in No 19 of the magazine.


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