‘Roots’, #18

July-December 2002


The magazine is opened by the section “Cultural Heritage”. The first article of the section is written by head of the Chair of modern Hebrew of the Jewish university in Moscow, Ph.D. Alexander Kryukov and is called “Kishon of Partachia, or Human Fate and Life of Satirist”. The author tells about course of life and creational development of famous Israeli writer-satirist Efraim Kishon. The article is finished by a story by Efraim Kishon “Partachia, my Love”.

Next article of this section “Hovard Fast and his Novel “My Glorious Brothers” is written by Raisa Tarasulla from Nizhni Novgorod. The article tells about famous American writer Hovard Fast and his novel about uprising of Maccabei in 167-142 BC “My Glorious Brothers”.

The section “The Present and History” is opened by the article by Ph.D. Vladimir Hasin from Saratov “Massacre of 1905 in Saratov as an Upshot of Social Adaptation of Jews in Internal Provinces of Russian Empire”. The author tells about history of colonization of internal provinces of Russian empire, in particular, of Saratov province, by the Jews, about mutual relations of Jews and local population, about social adaptation of Jews in conditions new for them.

The same section contains the article “From the History of Jewish Community of Tomsk” by Victor Yushkovsky (Tomsk). It consists of two essays. The first essay that is called “The Torah and Handicraft: Tomsk Haskala Century Ago” tells about creation in 1874 and history of Jewish state college in Tomsk. In the second article “The Last Synagogue” the author tells about the only synagogue of Tomsk that was not closed after 1917 revolution and about struggle of Jewish community for the right to have its synagogue and practice its religion in post-war years.

The section “Thoughts” includes the article by Tatiana Zhurcheva from Samara “Why Lie doesn’t Die, or Once More about “Protocols of Zion Wizards” The author tells about new book by Israeli judge Hadassa Ben-Itto “Lie that doesn’t Want to Die” about centenary history of “Protocols of Zion Wizards”.

The article “Kibbutz: First Meeting” by Michael Rabinovich from Smolensk is included into section “Israel with the Eyes of our Compatriots”. This work was written under impression of author’s trip to Israel and tells about kibbutzes as the exclusive social and economic phenomenon in the life of Israeli society.

The section “Memoirs” is opened by an extract from the book by Muscovite author Sher (pseudonym) “My Jewish Fate”. The extract is called “Portraits of Dear Jewish Faces”. Author recollects his trips to regions of Russia in early 1990s and tells about the process of revival of Jewish community life in the cities he visited, about community leaders who made their contribution into Jewish revival.

The author of the article “Memoirs of a Lieutenant” is the veteran of Great Patriotic war Naum Vainshtein from Kostroma. The author tells about things he – 20-year youth – saw and went through during the war.

The article by Michael Steklov from Smolensk “A Lesson for All Nations” is published in the next section “Our Genealogies”. The author tells about tragic events of the Great Patriotic war in the history of Jewish community of Smolensk region – elimination of Jewish population of the region by fascists and their accomplices.

This issue of the magazine is finished by the section “Opinion. Reviews. Criticism”. Letters and reviews by the readers about materials of previous issues of magazine are presented in this section. Letters of V. Brilliant (Samara), S. Berkner (Voronezh), Ye. Slaventinsky (Rybinsk), R. Apatova (Kostroma), L. Ashkinazi (Moscow), L. Rodina (Yaroslavl), I. Dragieva (Veliky Novgorod), E. Izraileva (St. Petersburg), S. Leiferov (Kirov) are published in the section.

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