‘Roots’, #17

January-June 2002



The magazine opens with an article by Semyon Avgustevich (Saratov) “National Upbringing is a Way to Renewal of Jewish Community” (the section – “Contemporaneity and History”). The author analyses problems of Jewish Upbringing in modern Jewish families of Russia.

The next article “Who Prevented from Common Education of Russian Jews?” by Ilia Yagninsky (Belgorod) is a part of discussion on A. Solzhentsin book “Two Hundred Years Together” which was spread in the mass-media. The author tells about history of development of common, non-religious education of Jews in tsar’s Russia.

The next section “Culture Heritage” is opened by an article “Jewish Colouring in Sholem-Aleichem Creative Work” by Prof. Sergey Berkner (Voronezh) where the biography of the writer is closely interwoven with the telling about his creative work.

The author of the next article Raisa Tarasulla (Nizhniy Novgorod) wrote it during the Summer School of the lecturers of Association of Public Universities for Jewish Culture in 2001. The article is called “Three Stars of Jewish Literature” and tells about creativity of Jewish woman writers of the Soviet period: Riva Rubina, Rachel (Rakhil) Baumvol, Shira Gorshman.

The same section contains the article “Judaism and Art” by Tsilia Segal (Samara). The author tells about an impact of Judaism on the development of Jewish plastic arts.

The author of the next article Eva Tsvetova (Saratov) is musicologist. In her article “Jewish Motives in Shostakovich’ Music” she tells about the book “Letters to the Friend. Dmitriy Shostakovich to Isaac Glikman”. The letters of the famous composer D. Shostakovich expose his attitude to tragic destiny of Jewish people.

And the last article of the section “David and Goliath” by Victor Ushkovskiy (Tomsk) tells about tragic fate of a poet from Tomsk David Livshits who was subjected to repression and spent 5 years in Stalin prisoner camps.

The section “National Enlightenment” contains an article by Stal Penzin (Voronezh) “The Friends of the Tenth Muse” where the author tells about activity of Jewish movies-club in Voronezh.

The next section of the magazine – “Our Genealogies”. It contains an article by Michael Ostrobskiy (Rybinsk) “From the History of My Family”. The author tells about fates of his relatives and history of his family from the middle of the XIXth century till our days.

The section “Memoirs” is opened with memoirs by Zeyev Portnoy (Israel) “I am from Tuchin”. The memoirs consist of two parts. In the first part the author tells about events of the World War II and extermination of Jewish population of Ukraine by fascists and Ukrainian polices. The author was a witness of these events. In the second part of memoirs Z. Portnoy tells about resistance of Jews from ghetto in Tuchin (Rovno region, Ukraine) to Hitler occupants in autumn 1942.

The author of the next article “Looking Closely at Childhood” Vladimir Tsoglin (Saratov) tells about perception of own nationality in childhood and youth, about influence of his family on it perception.

The next section “Thoughts” contains an article by Semyon Reznik (USA) “Dostoyevsky and the Jews”. The author tells about anti-Semitic prejudices of Russian writer F. Dostoyevsky

The issue is completed by the section “Opinion. Reviews. Criticism”. The section is opened by a detailed review by Prof. Sergey Berkner from Voronezh on “Roots” ¹15 and ¹ 16. Moreover, the section contains letters by Anna Brzhezovskaya (S-Petersburg), Moisey Yakerson (Saratov), Anatoliy Kotlyarov (s. named by Morozov) and others.

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