Roots, #16

July-December 2001


The magazine opens with the section dedicated to the memory of Prof. Yevgeny Garber from Saratov who died in October 2001. The section contains an article by Chief Editor of the magazine Semyon Avgustevich and an article by son of Yevgeny Garber Ilya Garber "The Word of Son". Yevgeny Garber memoirs "My Way to Science" are also published here.

The next section "Lectures" is opened by a lecture "About Tradition of Pharisaical Continuity in Pirkey-Avot by Leonid Mazikh from Israel where the author analyzes the influence of Greek philosophy and Hellenism traditions as a system of ideas on the rabbis thought. This lecture was read by L. Mazikh during the Eight Annual International Interdisciplinary Conference on Jewish Studies on January 2001 in Moscow.

Julia Matushanskaya from Kazan in her article "Josef Flaviy as Jewish National Historian and Statesman" tells about Josef Flaviy formation and activity as Jewish historian, about his inner searches and his political activity during the Great Rising (66-70).

The next lecture "Judaic in the Novels of Isaac Bashevis Zinger (From the Mode of Life to the Understanding of Being)" by Bronislav Tabachnikov from Voronezh gives the panorama of images and realities of Isaac Bashevis Zinger novels. The author emphasizes that each of novels by I.B. Zinger is original encyclopedia of Jewish life.

The section "Articles. Researches" contains the article by AIek Epshtein from Israel (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) "Problems of Jewish Education Development in Pluralistic Societies: Israel and Russia Experience" where the author analyzes experience of Jewish education development in Russia and Israel and its problems.

The same section contains an article by Vladimir Dvoryanov from Penza and Tatiana Avgustevich from Saratov "Model of Teenager Training for Repatriation to Israel". Authors of the article tell about problems, which the new repatriate teenager meets in Israel, and suggest the ways of solving some of them.

In the section "Thoughts" the article by Ilia Yagniskiy from Belgorod "Do Russian Jews Have the Future? (Polemical Notes)" is published. The author analyses the publications of Russian researchers (in particular E. Satanovsky, R. Ryvkina, V. Sobkin, S. Busygina) who study problems associated with Jewish national self-consciousness and national self-identification of members of modern Jewish community of Russia.

The next section "Our Genealogies" is opened by an article by Aizik Bargteil from Perm "The Hymn of Jewish Partisans" where the author tells the history of Jewish partisans' Hymn. The words of the Hymn were written by a Jewish poet Girsh Glik. The Hymn was executed on the melody by composers Daniil and Dmitry Pokras.

The second article of the section is "The Ordinary Jews" by Ruven Evilevich (Israel). The author tells about the fate of Jewish Family of Lia Pasternak and David Lapidus from Samara.

And the last article of the section "Boris Zeikin" by Ekaterina Libinzon from Nizhny Novgorod is dedicated to the memory of a talented poet from Nizhny Novgorod Boris Zeikin.

The section "Memoirs and Documents" is opened by an article by Lyubov Zhuk from Nizhny Novgorod "National Upbringing in My Family" where the author tells about formation of her national identity and about events exerted influence on this formation.

Efim Podoksik from Kostroma in his article "The War in the Fate of My Family" remembers the events of the first days of Great Patriotic War.

The same section contains the essay by Oleg Kostin from Maloyaroslavets "Be Lucky, David!" where the author tells about his friend David Agranovich who has repatriated to Israel.

The issue is completed by the section "Opinions. Reviews. Criticism". The section is opened by detailed and complete review by Vladimir Dvoryanov from Penza on "Roots" N13. Moreover, the section contains letters by Yuriy Ermilov (Ivanovo), Oleg Kostin (Maloyaroslavets), Steve Levin (Israel) and Anna Brzhezovskaya (S. - Petersburg).

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