‘Roots’, #15

January-June 2001


The magazine is opened by the article by Steve Levin (Israel), who was earlier an inhabitant of Saratov, “N.S. Leskov and the Jews”, where attitude of famous Russian writer N. Leskov towards Jewish problem in Russia is studied.

In the article by Vladimir Krivonos from Samara “By the Gates of Jerusalem…” On Jewish theme in the lyrics of O. Mandelshtam” the works of poet Osip Mandelshtam where the Jewish theme is present, are analysed.

Yelena Perchik from Tula in her article “The Bible Subjects at the Opera Stage” tells about operas of famous composers that were based on the subjects from Tanach: “Moses” by G. Rossini, “Nabucco” by G. Verdi, “Samson and Delilah” by Ch. C. Saint-Sens and “Judith” by A. Serov.

In the article by Semyon Avgustevich and Lyudmila Vnukova “Jewish Traditions of Children’s Family Holidays” the authors tell about Jewish traditions of celebration of family holidays that are devoted to the events of life of children.

The section “Our Genealogies” contains  the article by Aizik Bargteil from Perm “Two Great Bards”, where he tells about the fate and creative road of two Jewish bards: of Marc Varshavsky and Mordecay Gebertig.

The same section contains the extract from the book by Isay Lokshin from Ryazan “Jews. Fates. Power”. The extract is called “Happiness – is the Life”, and it tells about the fate of Frida Grigoryevna Zurevich.

The section “Memoirs and Documents” is opened by the article by Anna Kheifetz from Oryol “It Happened so…”, where the author tells about her life during Great Patriotic war.

The same section contains the story by Yefim Podoksik from Kostroma “Three Occasions when They Reminded me that I am a Jew”, where the author recalls several episodes of his life.

In the section “Thoughts” the article by Roman Zolotovitsky from Germany “The Book of Esther: Subject and Sense” is published. The author analyses the events described in scroll of Esther and speaks about the lessons we all must get from these events.

The same section contains the article by Yefim Levertov from St.Petersburg “Denise Levertov at the Stairs of Jacob, and also a Bit about Usefulness of Internet” about English poetess of Jewish origin Denise Levertov.

And the last article of the section “Talks with Assimilator” is the extract from the book “Unfinished Dialogues” by Yakov Eidelman (1896-1978) from Moscow, where the problem of assimilation of Jews is elucidated in the form of dialogue.

This issue is completed by the section “Opinions. Reviews. Criticism”. This section is opened by the article by Lev Tregubov from Perm “Concerning the Problem of National Self-identification (Invitation to Discussion)”, where the author shares his reflections on the problem of Jewish national self-identification that was broached in article by S. Avgustevich “Psychology of national self-identification” (“Roots”, No 13. January-June 2000). Except L. Tregubov’s article, the section contains more then 10 letters from various cities, where the authors share their impressions of previous issues of the “Roots.

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