Roots, #14

July-December 2000


The magazine opens with an article "To the Question of the Roots in Hebrew: History and the Present" by Alexander Kryukov from Moscow. The article enlightens the questions of mutual influence of these two languages.

In the article "To Save the Jews or to Make Others" by Svetlana Busygina from Moscow and Semyon Avgustevich from Saratov the authors discuss the problems of Jewish education and the ways of increasing its effectiveness.

Yulia Matushanskaya from Kazan in her work analyses Josef Flaviy activity and speaks about his understanding of the term "saint war".

The section "Celebration Scripts" contains " Purimshpiel for Khanukka " by Tsilya Segal, Anna Vaapova and Yefim Khasanov from Samara.

The section Israel by the Eyes of our Compatriots contains the works by Stieve Levin from Saratov and Vilen Ostrovsky from Engels. In these articles new olim speak about their impressions of the life in Israel and their viewing of Israeli society.

In the next section "Our Genealogies" one can find an article by Yekaterina Libinson from Nizhny Novgorod about her husband. Prof. Zaiman Libinson, who is well-known by his studies in the world Jewish literature; and an article "The Past Century, the Present Century" by Maya Potemina-Shuster from Rybinsk about the Jews of Rybinsk.

The next section "Memoirs and Documents" opens with an article "Jewish Happiness is to Bake the Bread" by Mikhail Gurovich from Nizhny Novgorod. The article is about the faith of the father of the well-known Jewish activist Semyon Martynovich Fogel.

The next article of the section is "The Life Devoted to the People" by Rimma Nechayeva from Ivanovo. It is a story about the authors friend Yanina Krol.

The section "Thoughts" contains articles "How does she look like, Lilya Brik" by Ruven Yevilevich from Samara and "The Difficulties of the Integration Processes of Jews in Estonia" by Svetlana BIomberg.

The section "Opinions. Reviews. Criticism" contains the letters from the readers with their recommendations, opinions and wishes to the magazine.

At the end of the issue the reader will find information about the authors.


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