‘Roots’, #13

January-June 2000


The magazine opens with an article “Psychology of National Self-Identification” by Semyon Avgustevich from Saratov. The article is devoted to the memory of Olga German and considers questions of national self-identification in contemporary Russia.

In the article “Righteous Man Vladimir Korolenko” by Steve Gutin-Levin from Saratov the author tells about the civil great deed of the writer, who protected the rights of Jews in tsar Russia.

The next work is “We don’t have Pogroms” or Disgraceful Press-Conference” by Mikhail Edelman from S.Petersburg tells about anti-Semitism in USSR during 70th.

The section “Lectures” contains 2 works. These are “Russian Zionism during the World War I ” by Vadim Pankov from Tula, and “Jewish Culture in Yiddish and its Historical Faith” by Sergei Berkner from Voronezh.

An article “History of Rybinsk Jewish Community before the Revolution and during the Soviet Period” by Yevgeny Khokhlov from Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region opens the next section “Our Genealogies”. It is a brief review of  Jewish community  life in a small town in central Russia.

The next article “Pinya (True Story)” by Yoahim Anderman from Uzlovaya, Tula region is memoirs about the tragic faith of the authors father common to millions of the Holocaust victims.

The next section “Memoirs and Documents” opens with an article “Archive Materials about Jewish Life in Tambov” by Semyon Hendler from Tambov.  The author describes materials preserved in the archives of Tambov, concerning the life of the Jews.

An article “Fathers” of Benya Krik and others: to the Question of Babel Characters Origin” from the section “Thoughts” is written by Yakov Liberman from Yekaterinburg and Alla Goluhova from Zaporozhie. It is the story of Babel characters creation.

The work “Myths and Realty of “Jewish Obedience” by the Holocaust example” by Svetlana Yatskina from Estonia is philosophic thoughts about “Jewish obedience” during the Holocaust.

The next article “Is Charley Chaplin Jewish?” by Aizik Bargteil from Perm describes the problem of Charley Chaplin Jewish origin and his attitude to the Jews.

The section “Opinions. Reviews. Criticism” contains the letters from the readers with their recommendations, opinions and wishes to the magazine.    

At the end of the issue the reader will find information about the authors.

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