‘Roots’, #11

January-June 1999


The magazine opens with an article “Prophet in his Motherland” by Alexander Kryukov from Moscow. The article is devoted to the 75 anniversary of the poet, writer and dramatist Ehuda Amihay.

In an article “Notes to the History of Circumcision” by Michael Chlenov from Moscow the author tells about the ritual of circumcision in different countries and cultures.

The next work is “Round table “National Upbringing in the Family. Continuation” by Svetlana Busygina from Saratov. The author represents appearances by the readers – Russian program of Open University in Israel participants on round-table discussion on this problem by correspondence.

The work “Jewishness of I.E. Babel in his Autobiographical Works” by        S.Kh. Gutin-Levin from Saratov tells about the Saratov’s period of Babel’s creativity.

An article “Grandfather of Jewish Literature” by Zalman Libinzon from Nizny Novgorod is prepared to publication by his widow, Ekaterina Libinzon. The reader can learn about studies in Mendele Moiher-Sforim life and creation

In the article “Jewish Theme in Russian Poetry of the XX Century” by Irina Kogan from Samara, the author tells about her experience of collection the anthologies.

The section “Lectures” contains an article “Midrash and Aggada as the Treasury of Jewish Culture” by Leonid Matzich from Israel, where the author tells about that specific role Midrash plays in the history and culture of Jewish people.

The next section “Memoirs and Documents” opens with an article “The Forgotten Melody for Organ and Shofar” by Ilya Barkussky from Kaliningrad.  The article is about Jewish community of Kenigsberg. We can see that the history of Germany is closely connected with the history of Jews in Europe

An article “The Jews in Norilsk” by Tamara Kurbanova from Norilsk is a description of creation camps in Norilsk during 1939-1945 years, and the Jews, who were prisoners in the camps.

An article “Speech about the Mentor” by Rimma Nechaeva from Ivanovo is devoted to the 100th anniversary of doctor emeritus Mariya Falkovna Vasserman

The section “Opinions. Reviews. Criticism” contains the letters from the readers with their recommendations, opinions and wishes to the magazine.    

At the end of the issue the reader will find information about the authors.

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