СRootsТ, #10

July-December 1998


The magazine opens with an article лPoet of National Revival or National Myth? (to the 125 anniversary of Kh.N. Bialik)╗ by Alexander Kryukov from Moscow. Kh.N. Bialik is represented here as a living person with common needs and problems. The author shows how this influenced the poetТs works.

In an article лF.M. Dostoyevsky and the Jews╗ by Steve Gutin-Levin (Saratov) the author opposes wide-spread opinion about DostoyevskyТs anti-Semitism and shows that his feeling had another character and its basis lies in original forms of interest to Judaism as national culture.

The next work is лRound table лNational Upbringing in the Family╗ by Svetlana Busigina from Saratov. The author represents appearances by the readers Ц Russian program of Open University in Israel participants on round-table discussion on this problem by correspondence.

The section лLectures╗ contains an article лThe First Khaluzim╗ by Ilya Yagninsky from Belgorod, where the author tells some little known facts which reveal khaluzim movement formation during the first years of Soviet power in Central Russia and Volga region.

The same section of the magazine includes an article лJews in the Struggle with German Fascism in the EnemyТs Rear╗ by Sergey Berkner from Voronezh. For the first time basic events of JewТs struggle with Nazism in the enemyТs rear during the World War II are generalized systematically in the article. The author retraced the struggle in ghetto, partisan movement and secret service.

The next section лMemoirs and Documents╗ opens with an article лBook of Sorrow╗ by Marina Kiseleva from Nizhny Novgorod is about M.A. Khasanov, a journalist and a person of great soul, who gathered material about repressioned citizens of Nizhny Novgorod.

An article лThe Holocaust in Memoirs of Yaroslavites╗ by Alexey Polyanin from Yaroslavl is a school student work, which was represented at the Russian Scientific School Conference УDiscoveryФ.

An article лAbout My Father╗ by Rudolf Bimbad from Kostroma is a story about author fatherТs life which is typical for many Jews of first half of 20 century.ааааааааааааааааааа

The section лOur Genealogies╗ contains an article лIn Kantonists╗. ItТs Abraham Galich from Saratov publication of memoirs by his grand father, Abraham Pantofel about his childhood.

At the end of the issue the reader will find information about the authors.

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